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Designed In Dallas

The Tanz™ faucet was designed and developed in Dallas, Texas by our designer, Anmol Sarin.

tanz kitchen faucet

Inspired By Mario

The Tanz™ kitchen faucet was inspired by the Super Mario Bros. video game. Try to find the similarities the next time you play it.

stainless steel kitchen faucet with sprayer

Stainless Steel Sprayer

The Tanz™ faucet comes with a durable stainless steel sprayer.

Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer | The Tanz™

The Tanz™ faucet was designed in Dallas, TX and has an industrial design. The pleasure of working with first class materials and components and the constant desire to perfect aesthetics and function led to the Isenberg Tanz™.

industrial kitchen faucet

Available in 20 TFC Colors

The Tanz™ faucet was designed to infuse a hint of color in your kitchen. Available in 20 popping thin film ceramic colors, this stainless steel kitchen faucet brings a subtle design element onto the kitchen counter-top.

These ceramic-based finishes are eco-friendly, much more so than traditional finishes based on chrome and nickel chemical processes.

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Choose Your Color:

Available in an exciting range of pop-out colors ranging from greens, blues, reds and earth tones. Customized Colors are also avaiable.